Galapagos Islands Day Dive Trip Insurance



Because most dive sites in Galapagos have currents, surge and offer not the easiest of diving conditions, it is a good idea to obtain dive insurance for your Galapagos diving adventure.  Emergency medical evacuation and use of a hyperbaric chamber can cost tens of thousands of dollars.  We strongly recommend you be safe and obtain the right insurance program for your diving trip.


Dive insurance is optional, but highly recommended for single-day diving trips.



We offer Diving Insurance through Dive Assure, which offers the best diving accident and dive-travel coverage through its relationship with Duke, including the Diamond and the DDM Package.   You can choose between their 3 coverage programs:


• Gold: Basic diving accident protection.


• Platinum: Supreme diving accident protection with basic trip protection.


• Diamond: ‘All-in-one’ dive medical and dive travel program. The Diamond is available in Single or Multi-trip versions and provides higher annual diving accident limits combined with comprehensive trip protection, designed specifically for diving vacations.


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