The climate in the Galapagos Islands is equatorial, cooled by the Humboldt current. The water around the islands is somewhat cold and the meeting of the Humboldt current and the warm air sometimes causes mist over the islands. Occasionally the Humboldt current is replaced by the warm El Niño current, a phenomenon which occurs every few years can affect weather conditions throughout the South Pacific.

The warm & humid season (December to April)

• Climate is more tropical with blue skies and mid-day showers

• Land birds are more active

• Water temperatures are higher, makins snorkeling more pleasant

• Decreased winds around the islands

• Seas are calmer during these months

• Heavy rains in the highlands


The cool & dry season (May to November)

• Sea mammals and land birds are most active.  Best season for diving

• Skies are overcast

• Many birds mate during this season

• Winds blow in southeasterly direction

• Shores of southern islands are bathed in cool waters

• Rain is scarce on the coastal regions