Please note that the itinerary below can change depending on local regulation, weather and logistics at the Captain’s discretion. Currently, each week the itinerary includes the same islands. The order of the island visits, however, is dictated by the Galapagos National Park and may vary weekly.

Itinerary in Brief: 7 nights / 8 days

SUNDAY: AM: Arrive to San Cristobal Island

PM: Isla Lobos - Check out dive & Welcome Cocktatail

MONDAY: AM: North Seymour Island ( 2 dives)  

PM: Bartolome Island (Land Visit)

TUESDAY: AM: Wolf Island ( 2 dives )    

PM: Wolf Island (2 dives )

WEDNESDAY: AM: Darwin Island ( 2 dives)

PM: Darwin Island ( 2 dives )

THURSDAY: AM: Darwin Island ( 2 dives)

PM: Darwin Island ( 2 dives)

FRIDAY: AM: Cape Marshall ( 2 dives)

PM: Cape Marshall (2 dives)

SATURDAY: AM: Gordon Rocks ( 2 dives)

PM: Puerto Ayora - Charles Darwin Station (land visit )

SUNDAY: AM: Interpretation Center - San Cristobal (land visit)
LATE AM: Head to airport for return flight